Environmental Consulting Services

Tabor Energy Solutions has worked hard to build a global reputation for environmental consultancy. We have a long and successful track record of providing operational level support to our clients, ensuring that the measures put in place in terms of both spill response and remedial action are adequate and effective. Our innovative and highly effective approach is designed to ensure compliance with the requirements of regulatory planning. Our commitment to tailored services ensures that the requirements of the client’s risk mitigation strategy can be easily satisfied.

Our environmental consultancy services are just one part of our suite of services, meaning that we are well placed to understand the full range of our client’s needs and can provide cross-team support if needed. Our environmental consultancy services themselves are wide ranging, and include sensitivity mapping, as well as coastal protection planning, auditing to ensure environmental compliance, the assessment of environmental impact, and planning of emergency responses. We can also offer services pertaining to spill management, and national contingency planning.

The range of environmental consultancy services offered includes:

  • Coastal Protection Plans and Sensitivity Mapping
  • ‚ÄčEnvironmental Compliance Auditing
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Development and Implementation of National Contingency Plans
  • Spill Management Services