Amongst our portfolio of services, Tabor Energy Solutions has extensive experience in the marine sector. We can provide marine services such as marine salvage, vessel charter, engineering, and ROV support. Furthermore, we are proud to be considered experts in offshore, coastal, near shore and sub sea operations.

The Tabor Energy Solutions team are able to take a big picture view of a client’s needs, and offer a full support service for your project, from simple advice to the provision of the full resource required to make the project a success. The nature of our organisation means that we have a wide range of experience, equipment and expertise at our disposal, a rich resource which we’re able to deploy to the benefit of our clients. It means that we are able to take on almost any marine project, regardless of size or complexity. It also means that we have a high degree of flexibility, which enables us to take our signature approach to client needs, focusing on creating a solution tailored to the client’s needs and the specific requirements of the task at hand.

Vessel Charter

As a well resourced organisation, we are able to provide support for a huge variety of marine operations. Our vessel charter service gives our clients access to a comprehensive roster of vessels, depending on the particular requirements of your project. We can offer a range of vessels, both for use in coastal and offshore operations. The roster includes work boats, tugs, crane barges, pontoon barges, AHVs and multi cats. As with all our services, we have a commitment to fully tailored working. Thus not only are we able to supply crew for your project, but we are also able to match crew experience with the requirements of and work involved in your project.

Vessel Management

Tabor Energy Solutions has a proven track record in both operational and technical vessel management, working with a variety of clients globally. We are confident that our vessel management service can help our clients to increase productivity and value, as well as reducing costs. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible solution, specific to their needs.

Marine Salvage

We have a comprehensive marine salvage service, including wreck removal and intervention, oil removal, wreck survey and management, as well as diving and sub sea services. We pride ourselves on being able to offer marine salvage solutions which are both well executed and cost effective.

Our marine salvage services include:

  • Wreck removal
  • ​Wreck Intervention
  • ​Oil removal
  • ​Wreck management
  • ​Wreck survey
  • ​Diving and Sub-sea services