Training Calendar

Advanced Commercial Contracting AdministrationThis course is designed and delivered by eminent commercial contracting experts from the oil and gas industry who have extensive international, legal, commercial, project and executive leadership experience with leading international oil companies across many jurisdictions. The course impacts high-level contracting competencies that are most relevant to the industry today.28 April - 6 May 2015

27 Oct - 4 Nov, 2015
Effective Materials ManagementThis course provides the techniques and principles for providing better service for development and production onshore/offshore operations, reducing stock outs and surplus materials and maximizing the return on investment for inventory.24 -28 August 2015
Senior Capital Contracting Programme (SCCP)The course exposes the key similarities and differences of the legal systems in global contracting, steps to successfully manage disputes and contract performance issues, initiation of a tendering process and what is required in a tender package. Participants will learn how to better manage project construction and legal risks in the contracting process.5 - 8 May 2015

3 - 6 Nov., 2015
Fundamentals of International Oil & Gas LawInternational oil and gas transactions occur within a complex legal environment that limits what petroleum companies, host governments and service companies
can do. Oil and gas professionals often lack the broad understanding of what makes up this legal environment and how it can have an impact on their work.
This course is designed to give participants an in-depth understanding of the legal fundamentals that make their international transactions work, ranging from
the principles that apply to interpreting and enforcing their agreements, to the procedures for resolving their disputes, to addressing interpretational issues posed
by common contract provisions, and to avoiding liability under environmental and bribery laws.
24 -28 August 2015
Master Class Commercial Contracting & ProcurementThis course gives an overview of best practice contracting process, strategic, innovative and sustainable contracting and procurement. The course will also provide Interaction and networking opportunities with global leaders of the contracting and procurement disciplines.9 - 13 Nov. 2015